"I'm inspired by the Ocean, waves, giant trees, mountains, natural beauty, Life."

"I want to create beautiful and powerful images."

Miguel is a professional photographer with a focus in surf, action and travel photography.

1976. Born in Lisboa, Portugal. Driven from a long family tradition of Seaman and growing up at the Atlantic coast, he soon discovered his passion for bodysurfing, diving and surfing. Graduated from Lisbon Technical University, where he studied Physical Education, he worked as a teacher, surf instructor, personal trainer and lifeguard. 1996. Works as a whitewater river guide , being one of the first Portuguese Rafting and Canyoning instructors, leading countless adventure expeditions. 2007 Departs in a Round-the-World Journey. Returns as Photographer.

For Photography inquiries, please contact:

Email  sacramento.miguel@gmail.com  |  Peniche. Portugal  +351.964.179.697  |  Berlin. Germany  +491.768.503.2081

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